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Product Design And Development

Considering current fashion trend our highly professional skilled design team research, create and develop new products which have the best possible chance of commercial success.

We create and prepare your designs, develop prototypes, select materials and components, identify the right suppliers/manufacturers for smooth supply.

Sourcing Solutions

We provide sourcing solutions through a network of suppliers who have been associated with us for a long time. We source using our qualified and professional team who research factory and market.

As soon as a customer approaches us with a particular Inquiry, it becomes our responsibility to identify the probable facilities that should be in a position to do the product.

The inquiry is passed on to the list of probable, inviting prices, samples, space etc. Based on all the activities, we revert to the buyer with prices & other details.

We are privileged to have with us a very strong supplier base capable of meeting customer requirements at the most competitive price and lead-time.

By working with us you get the advantage of getting the services and expertise of our associated and affiliated offices situated at Bangladesh, U.S.A., U.K., Australia, China.

As we have the backing of a very strong supplier base & the assistance of the best of heads both in our office and in the other associated offices, we assure you of the best prices with best lead-time.


Merchandising starts as soon as we are approached with a particular inquiry, then we coordinate with the Buyer and the facility, exchange views and communications between them, Source Fabric -Accessories –Raw materials for the buyer / facility in order to make the whole process easier and faster, analyze the whole process ; arrange customers’ approvals to the facility , monitor Facility’s activities starting from development and at various stages of production, actively involves our self ; engaging our dedicated team members – to ensure proper execution, the desired Quality and on-time delivery.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

It is our key responsibility to ensure that the right product as per specifications is shipped at the right time. As we are committed to the buyer for the technical aspect/quality of the product the supplier is to ship. Our Quality Control team perform the following functions/inspections etc to ensure the same:

  • Approvals at various stages of production.
  • Communication with the buyer on technical issues.
  • Pre-Production approvals.
  • Inspections at various stages of production.


Quality soft line products require quality piece goods. Even the most outstanding manufacturing methods cannot compensate for defective material. Our goal is to create an aggressive piece goods quality control program and eliminate many quality problems before the manufacturing process begins. We use world renowned lab for testing. strategic partner is SGS, B.V, Intertek.


The IPC is conducted as soon as the manufacturer has started production and has 50 – 100 pieces completed and ready for packing. Any discrepancies / variations or defects are pointed out to the manufacturer for correction or improvement. A written inspection report is prepared, confirming observations and a copy is given to the manufacturer.


In Line Inspections starts the moment the production starts. It includes inspection checks in different stages of production i.e. cutting, sewing, finishing & packing for knit & woven whereas knitting, linking, trimming, mending, finishing & packing for sweaters.


The MPC takes place during production for a logical (check quantity, quality and delivery status ) follow up of the goods. For large orders, more than one MPC should be performed.


This is the final inspection & is done when goods are ready for shipment. This inspection is performed by at least two quality control officers, one of who has not been associated with the order before this inspection. We control quality from the commencement till the shipment as per AQL 2.5 or standards preferred by our clients.

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