Inspection Services

inspection service

To ensure that the right product as per specifications at the right time is shipped, is our major responsibility. As we are committed to the buyer for the technical aspect/quality of the product the supplier is to ship. Our Quality Control team perform the following functions/inspections etc to ensure the same:

  • Approvals at various stages of production.

  • Communication with the buyer on technical issues.

  • Pre-Production approvals.

  • Inspections at various stages of production.


Fabric Quality Testing

Quality soft line products require quality piece goods. Even the most outstanding manufacturing methods cannot compensate for defective material. Our goal is to create an aggressive piece goods quality control program and eliminate many quality problems before the manufacturing process begins.


In Line Check (ILC)

In Line Inspections starts the moment the production starts. It includes inspection checks in different stages of production i.e. cutting, sewing, finishing & packing for knit & woven where as knitting, linking, trimming, mending, finishing & packing for sweaters.                       


Initial Production Checks (IPC)

The IPC is conducted as soon as the manufacturer has started production and has 50 - 100 pieces completed and ready for packing. Any discrepancies / variations or defects are pointed out to the manufacturer for correction or improvement. A written inspection report is prepared, confirming observations and a copy is given to the manufacturer.


Mid Production Checks (MPC)

The MPC is similar to the initial production check and is in general, a logical follow up of the IPC. The MPC should be made a few days after the IPC, particularly when decencies have been found during IPC depending on the shipment date. For large orders, more than one MPC should be performed.                                                   


Final Random Inspection (FRI)

This is the final inspection & is done when goods are ready for shipment. This inspection is performed by at least two quality control officers, one of who has not been associated with the order before this inspection. We control quality from the commencement till the shipment as per AQL 2.5 or standards preferred by our clients.